Global hotkey

Let start by explaining the goal: we want to send a custom signal when the user press a combination of keys. Sound pretty easy, your are already thinking to override the keyPressEvent() and keyReleaseEvent() virtual methods of your QMainWindow with your custom code. It’s a fair solution, but not the so elegant, and what’s happen…

Open URLs in external browser by Javascript in WebKit

It’s very simple with the QtWebKit APIs to open an link with your default browser from a QWebView (you can find some solutions like this in StackOverflow about that) but that works well only with <a> elements. If you are opening an external browser by a¬† JavaScript¬†function you need a whole different approach.

Experiment Necessitas: Qt apps on Android

Some weeks ago I read about the Necessitas project on the Qt Labs Blog which let you able to run Qt application on the Android platform. It was very interesting and now I’m going to try it. My test environment is my Mac Book Pro with Snow Leopard.

Install PyQt4 in Snow Leopard

New country, new life style, new spoken language and new GUI toolkit ! After 5 years of wxPython toolkit now it’s the time to move to PyQt4. Let’s see how install this GUI toolkit under Mac OS X Snow Leopard.